Shipping costs

You do not have to pay import duty when shipping Smartphones from China. You will have to pay VAT on goods shipped into the UK, which currently stands at 20%. When working out your budget you’ll need to factor in an extra 20% to the listed cost of your smartphones.

Some courier companies add an additional £10 to the cost as an ‘administration fee’ to calculate the VAT on goods, but this is quite rare.

Shipping can take up to 28 days from China, and there can be extra delays if the item is held up at customs when it gets into the UK. There’s no way around it: when buying goods from another country, you should prepare for a long wait!

Another thing to consider is that there often is no warranty on phones imported from outside the EU, so if you have an issue with the phone you’ll have to send it back to the manufacturer at your expense and pay to have any repairs.

We try to only list high-quality phones on, but good practice is to read reviews from other websites before making your purchase, always buy from one of our approved vendors and remember to calculate VAT and the possibility of an administration cost when working out your budget.

You can find more information about import duty & taxes, and run a calculation on any goods you are thinking of buying at

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